Elmer John Ross 5th Gen
Male, Bornin Dallas, Lucerne Co., PA on 1/27/1906
Died2/14/1974 (Ithaca, NY)



Spouses / Children

Elmer was my father so I have considerable data on him, but will try to be brief.

He was the proverbial "jack-of-all-trades" but excelled in salesmanship. He learned the trade of paper-hanging, butchering, did a brief stint in the restaurant business, operated a retail bakery business successfully, was a machinist at IBM during the War, sold roofing and siding, became a contractor specializing in the remodeling of old homes, etc.

We lived, for the most part, in upstate NY in several little towns. He enjoyed athletics, forming his own small teams in baseball and basketball wherein he played captain. His favorite sport, however, was fishing and he fished every river, lake or stream from PA to Canada. He also enjoyed hunting - rabbits, deer, and moose. His was a very outgoing personality and he made friends wherever he went.

He married my mother, Edith Irene Crane (daughter of Archie and Lottie (Jennings) Crane) on 3/27/1926. Edith was a twin and, in her later years, she and twin sister, Ethel, both then widows, lived together in Elmira, NY. Mother was a hard worker, working both in the home and outside. During the war years, she worked for Link's who built the then very innovative LInk Trainers and then later for Scintilla.

Elmer died 2/14/1974 in Ithaca, NY while doing his favorite thing - fishing, while Edith died some years later on 5/1/1987. They are both buried in Floral Park Cemetery in Johnson City, NY.

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