Daniel Franz Ross 5th Gen
Male, Bornin Dallas, Lucerne Co., PA on 8/24/1907
Died5/7/1983 (Salinas, CA)



Spouses / Children

No Charted Spouses
No Charted Children

Daniel Franz Ross (John, Samuel, James 2nd, James 1st) was born 8/24/1907 in Dallas, Lucerne Co., PA. He lived most of his life in Binghamton and Johnson City, NY area, working as a salesman for Hill's Bakery. Because he suffered from asthma, he was sent as a young teenager to live with his Aunt Pearl in Phoenix, AZ.

As a young man, he returned to Binghamton where he met Genevieve Strong, born 5/17/1914. They were married on 7/6/1946 in Binghamton. They had no children.

Dan was a member of Masonic Lodge 177 in Binghamton for 25 years. Upon retirement, Dan and Jenny moved to Salinas, CA to be near his brother, Glen Ross.

Both Dan and Jenny died in Salinas - she on 3/27/1976 and he on 5/7/1983 and are buried in the Garden of Memories there.

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