John Nulton Ross 4th Gen
Male, Bornin East Dallas, Lucerne Co., PA on 8/28/1876



Spouses / Children

John Nulton Ross was born 8/28/1876 in East Dallas, Lucerne Co., PA. Both John and his brother Ira lived and farmed on individual portions of the original land in Dallas.

On 3/16/1904, he married "the prettiest girl in Dallas", Edna Abalina Heller (daughter of John Heller and Catherine Kehley).

She was born 10/20/1881 and died 8/8/1965. John died 3/7/1951 and they both are buried in the Floral Park Cemetery in Johnson City, NY.

John had a special love for horses and would not allow anyone to punish his horses. From what I can determine, I believe he may have been a "horse whisperer", for he seemed to communicate and control even the wildest of horses.

John Nulton Ross was my grandfather and I have some fond memories of him - of his teaching me to play checkers (he always won) and dominoes, of pushing me in the big swing that hung in the silo, of giving me candy under the disapproving eye of my very proper German grandmother, of standing me in the middle of the floor when I was about four years old and commanding... "Sing, Elda, sing" and of course I did - then, and for many years afterward!

All the children loved him, but that did not mean he did not believe in discipline. Once, my little cousin was staying with them and he always referred to her as "his little sunshine". Well, she did something naughty and Grandpa looked down at her and said regretfully, "You know I am going to have to spank you." And, as he described it, she looked up at him with tearfilled eyes and quivering lip and pleaded, "Grandpa's little sunshine, sunshine??" So much for disipline!

John & Edna Ross had the following children: Eva Dolores Ross, b 9/16/1904; Elmer John Ross, b 1/27/1906; Daniel Franz Ross, b 8/24/1907; Harry Laverne Ross, b 11/11/1910; Glen Alfred Ross, b 9/2/1912; Dorothy Gertrude Ross, b 2/13/1919

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