Robert Elmer Ross 6th Gen
Male, Bornin Johnson City, NY on 12/11/1928



Spouses / Children

Robert was born 12/11/1928 in Johnson City, NY.

He served in the Air Force, graduated from Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. Earned a master's degree in physics and earth science from Albany State. Was a Physics Teacher in Vestal, NY. Served on Executive Committee of State of NY of the NEA in NY. Played basketball, softball, football, and golf.

On 3/31/1956, he married Joan Audrey Aspinall (daughter of Frederick and Magda (Jacobsen) Aspinall). Joan was born 3/7/1933 in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY in 1955 with a BA in music. She became a Music Teacher before retiring to raise her children.

They have lived the greater portion of their lives in Vestal, NY.

Bob and Joan were blessed with the following four children: Susan Joan Ross, b 4/20/1957 in Johnson City, NY. David Robert Ross, b 5/2/1959 in Binghamton, NY. Elizabeth Jean Ross, b 6/10/1961, in Binghamton, NY. Debra Andrea Ross, b 4/25/1971, in Vestal, NY.

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