Dorothy Gertrude Ross 5th Gen
Female, Bornin Dallas, Lucerne Co., PA on 2/13/1919



Spouses / Children

No Charted Spouses
No Charted Children

Dorothy Gertrude Ross was born 2/13/1919 in Dallas, Lucerne Co., PA. She had dark hair, a lively personality, and a lovely singing voice. She also played piano and guitar. Most of her life she lived in Oneonta, NY. Dorothy married three times, but her children were all by here first marriage to Robert R. Blanchard whom she married on 6/22/1938. They divorced and she married 2nd Al Forshay, that marriage also ending in divorce. Her last husband was Clifford B. Waters and that marriage lasted until her death on 1/14/1974 from cancer. She and Clifford Waters were living in Florida and therefore she is buried in Ft. Lauderdale at the Lauderdale Memorial Cemetery.

Her children, all by her first husband, Robert Blanchard, are: June M. Blanchard, 1/12/1939; Barbara J. Blanchard, b 4/8/1940; Charlotte M. Blanchard, b 8/26/1941; Dallas Blanchard, b 3/18/1943

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