Samuel E. Ross 3rd Gen
Male, Bornin Dallas, Lucerne Co., PA on 6/18/1842



Spouses / Children

Born 6/18/1842 in Dallas, Lucerne Co., PA. In 1869, he married Rachel Ann Shaver (daughter of William Shaver and Anna Nulton Honewell)."

The bible mentioned earlier in this document belonged to this couple, Samuel and Rachel, and it is from its pages that I gleaned a great deal of the information which I have entered here.

At this point, I would like to add that Rachel's clam that "she was related to half the valley" contained an element of truth for I discovered that her mother, born Anna Nulton, was first married to a Honeywell (Richerd, I believe, but not proven) and by him Anna had one son named Levi Honeywell. When he died she married William Shaver, an older man whose wife had died after presenting him with 14 children. By William Shaver, Anna had two children, Hanna Acca Shaver, born 1849, who married Margin Weintz, and Rachel Ann Shaver, born 7/12/1851 who married our Samuel Ross. William Shaver died in 1852 and Anna Nulton Honeywell Shaver then married as her third husband Isaac Montanye by whom she had five more children: James Montanye who married Jane Sickler, Sallie Montanye who married A.R. Pembleton, Harriet Montanye who married Anslum Lozier, Martha Monthanye who may or may not have married, and Mary Montanye who married Rueben Schooley.

I should also make mention here that Shavertown, PA is named for Rachel's grandfather, Philip Shaver, who also left numerous descendants. So you see that we can lend a certain credence to Rachel's claim that she was, indeed, "related to half the valley" - the "valley" being the Wyoming Valley.

Samuel continued to live on the family homestead and adjoining acreage was added to the farm by a gift of land to "their beloved daughter", Rachel, from her mother Anna (sometimes called Hannah) and her stepfather Isaac Monatnye.

Samuel was considered a "good man". He prided himself on the fact that he did not drink, smoke, or swear. He said "faith and destruction" or "goll darn it" when he was upset.

I was told that Rachel was often called upon to act in the capacity of a midwife in the area.

Rachel and Samuel had the following children and, since this is my direct family line, I will write more about these individuals in the Fourth Generation: Rhoda Anna Ross, b 10/15/1870; Martin J. Ross, b 4/20/1872; Joseph "Ira" Ross, b 12/26/1873; John Nulton Ross, b 3/28/1876; Julia August Ross, b 3/17/187; Charlie A. Ross, b 8/24/1880; Maggie V. Ross, b 10/23/1884; Lida "Pearl" Ross, b 6/3/1888.

Both Samuel and Rachel lived fairly long lives - he died 7/6/1925 at age 83, and Rachel died 9/27/1935 at age 84. They are buried at Carverton Cemetery in Dallas.

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