Joseph Ira Ross 4th Gen
Male, Bornin on 12/26/1873



Spouses / Children

Joseph "Ira" Ross (Samuel, James 2nd, James 1st) was born 12/26/1873 in Dallas, Lucerne Co., PA. "Ira", as he was generally called, was noted as a stone mason, a carpenter, and a "hard worker". On 5/18/1899, he married Emma Jane May (daughter of Anson Church May and Emma Jane Campbell) who was born 3/29/1881 in Beaumont, PA. Ira died 9/7/1953 and Emma died 8/16/1940. They are both buried in Beamont Cemetery. The following nine children were born to them: Cecil H. Ross, b 10/12/1902; Samuel A. Ross, b 11/23/1904; Bessie P. Ross, b 4/29/1907; Howard Leslie Ross, b 8/14/1908; Scott Laverne Ross, b 7/27/1910; Ernest Paul Ross, b 10/5/1912; Ada May Ross, b 11/2/1914; Rachel Ross, b 9/23/1920; Ruth Mildred Ross, b 7/29/1922

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