James Ross 2nd Gen
Male, Bornin NJ on 1/14/1795
Died3/27/1887 (PA)



Spouses / Children

James was born in NJ on 1/14/1795 to James Ross and Hannah Moore. He died on March 27, 1887 at the ripe old age of 92(!) and is buried at Carverton Cemetery, Dallas, Luzerne Co., PA. He married on 10/30/1827 Eve Shafer, daughter of Adam Shafer (Rev. War) and Elizabeth Swartwood/Swartwout.. Eve Shafer was born 2/11/1801 in PA, died 8/15/1864 and is also buried at Carverton Cemetery in Dallas. James remained on the original farm established by his father in Dallas, adding some acreage when he bought land in 1820 from his brother John.

We find a further mention of James in the "History of Hanover Township, PA":

James Ross of Dallas township, in an interview with a newspaper reporter in 1884 - is nearly 90, lived in Hanover from 1802 till the spring of 1820, saw the Red Tavern built in 1803, saw the first stone coal burnt in the Red Tavern.  In 1809, Crisman, the owner of the Red Tavern, opened a door and said to him, "See, little boy, how nice the stone coal burns."

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