Male, Bornin Riverton, Wyoming on 2/14/1946
Died7/15/1986 (Elizabeth City, New Jersey)



Spouses / Children

Born February 14, 1946, in Riverton, Wyoming, of Howard Randall ROSS and Stella May (COOK) ROSS. He was twin of Ralph James ROSS.

Roy was in the Army for a time during the mid-1960’s.

He owned an automobile-transport business in Watsonville, California. He had one or more of the huge trucks that haul 9 cars, and often made coast-to-coast trips. During one such trip, to New Jersey in July 1986, he died of a sudden heart attack when he stopped at a roadside phone to call his wife.

On August 8, 1975, in Watsonville, California, Roy married Diane DURDEN, daughter of Phyllis O. (----) DURDEN and (unknown) DURDEN. They had two sons: Travis Ryan, whom Roy adopted at age 6; and Clinton Jeremy.

After Roy’s death, his family moved to Melrose, Florida. In August 2009, Dianne was still living there, next-door to her mother.

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